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Interested in Affiliation?

If you are interested in applying for affiliation with Primordial Souls, all I require is asking on the tagboard. I usually never say no and have no limit on my affiliates, but if you have a "bad" (i.e. porn, stolen material, etc) site then I will say no, or I will remove you if these things are unearthed by myself or others.

Last Clean Up: August 11, 2014

What is a clean up, you might ask? It's where I periodically check all of the sites that I affiliate with to make sure they're still active. This doesn't mean constant updates; it means an active link. If it is not or the domain has been abandoned, I remove you from the list. I also check to see if my site is listed on yours and if it's not, I take you off the list. If you feel that you have been removed in error, feel free to contact me any time! :D

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