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Welcome to Primordial Souls! The fanfiction features characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, most exclusively catering to Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Dean. The art features Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Supernatural, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Moonlight, Heroes, Veronica Mars among others, as well as whatever else takes my fancy for a moment. I use Paint Shop Pro X to create the work you see on here.

I accept suggestions and requests. To suggest a tutorial, please go the Media section. To suggest/request a wallpaper, feel free to e-mail me for requests or use the tagboard for suggestions. :)

April 4, 2014 - Public Service Announcement

Alright, everyone, I recently got a tag on my tagboard alluding to some plagiarism somehow associated with my site because someone had a link to my site or... I don't even know what the story was, because this person did not contact me past the tagboard. I removed the tag because I don't like inaccurate accusations.

If you believe there is a question of plagiarism, in any form, whether on my site or if I am linked to another site that has active or a history of plagiarism, trust me when I say I am more than willing to deal with this directly. Do NOT leave vague messages on my tagboard. That just pisses me off because it feels like you're insinuating I am a plagiarizer.

I understand how upsetting plagiarism is, I get it, because people have used crap I have made/written and claimed it as their own. It's a shitty feeling, and it's also a shitty feeling being accused of being associated in any manner with it, especially without explanation.

Instead of leaving random messages on my public tagboard, please do me a favor and EMAIL ME and we'll discuss whatever the issue is, what the solution is and hey, maybe we'll find a friendship in the land of 'shit, some people suck balls.'

Don't be a pisser and take your anger out on this site because of someone else's shitty morals.

Thank you.

Bre is feeling: Annoyed
Movie? Veronica Mars
Music? Hugo
Tele? Hannibal
Book? The King by J.R. Ward

February 10, 2014 - New Skin, New Art and New Fiction

Hey, an update! Happy New Year! Look at that, 2014 already. My only response is: what the fuck? Where did the time go?! Ridiculous.

Added in a new skin for Sons of Anarchy! You can find it in the navigation panel. I've also added in thirty new wallpapers, most of which can be found in the Art Section.

I reorganized the art section quite a bit and down-scaled it to make it more succinct. If a TV category didn't have more than 5-6 wallpapers, I stripped it of its own page and consolidated most of them into one. If the show gets more than that, I will give it its own page again! :)

Big fun news! I've completely revamped the Fiction Section! I gave it its own layout and sort of made it a branch of the website as opposed to part of the website. I've organized the fanfiction so it's easier to search per what you might like. (I also had a really dirty dream about Maid to Love and it got me thinking about where it could go again as well as a few changes to it. I'll start working on it because there is nothing wrong with smut, smut, smut.)

I've closed accepting applications for hosting for a wee bit until I'm back in the swing of being on here more often. You can still apply if interested, I'm still pretty good about responding! :P

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :) Hope 2014 is treating you well so far!

Bre is feeling: Excited
Movie? Spaceballs
Music? Kavinsky
Tele? Teen Wolf, Hannibal, Fringe and Supernatural
Book? Master at Arms Series by Kallypso Masters

September 15 - New Layout, Art and Hostee

Hey, an update! And hey, a new layout! And hey, a crapton of new fanart! And hey, a new hostee!

I've been slacking on the site, friends, and it makes it harder to update each time because every day there's something new to add and I just... flit away. :D Alas! New art! You can check it all out on the Portfolio page but here's a list of what I added:

  • Angel
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Breaking Bad
  • Game of Thrones
  • Supernatural
  • Teen Wolf
  • Buffy/Dean
  • Celebrities
  • Movies

A few new shows in there, hopefully I'll add to them in the near future! Added in a total of 31 wallpapers and you'll have to check out the Portfolio page for the full list of updates. :D

SITE NEWS! We have a new hostee! Kristen at Beauty Mark:

Please help me welcome her to the domain by hopping on over there to check out her gorgeous new art and fabulous writing!

No new writing updates. I'm working on finishing up Pillars of Sand before November, where I'll take on a new fiction (where Buffy and Dean have a daughter) for National Novel Writing Month. I'm trying not to do what I did with my Buffy/Angel fiction where I left everything and just bounced off to another project. Fingers crossed I can keep my butt concentrated enough to finish it up and get it posted. Once that is up and finished, I'll post the story I finished for July's Camp NaNoWriMo while I write for November.

Yes! I will finish Only Time, I promise! That is one story that I've actually re-outlined and have even started re-jotting out the chapters. I'm also going to revisit Maid to Love at some point, and also finish Some People Need Saving.

My muse is a fickle bitch.

Bre is feeling: Blah
Movie? The Emperor's New Groove
Music? Marina and The Diamonds
Tele? Teen Wolf & Breaking Bad
Book? Lost by SJ Bolton

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