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About Primordial Souls

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  • Opened: July 26th of 2004
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So... Primordial Souls started out as a free website for my Buffy/Angel fanfiction. Bounced between all the cheapy little website things that have ads dancing all over the place before saying, darn it! I need a domain! Thus, Primordial Souls. Why Primordial Souls, you ask? Because Buffy and Angel is my one and only OTP. Yes, I am in love with Bella/Edward and such other couples but... Bangel was my first love. They are soul mates, and their type of love is primordial. Fact. Of. Life. So get it? Primordial Souls. :P

I began writing fanfiction about six years ago, really dabbling in it about five years ago, when I first started posting it. It didn't really find my groove for a while until I opened Primordial Souls.

While I'm not writing as much as I used to, I'm still very interested to see where these stories of mine will be going, and probably always will be until I get my inspiration to write back again. My first love was Buffy and Angel, and they will always be my number one. :D

I started Infinite Illusion at the end of 2005 because I wanted to keep my fanfiction and my art separate. Plus, I was really beginning to dabble, and what was once just one page was turning into far too many, so enter the new site. The site name came from the idea that everything on here is an illusion, a warped illusion, created by my hands, and 'Infinite' that there are infinite possibilities. And Slaygal's site name, Infinite Destruction. Gotta love it. At the beginning of 2008, I brought Primordial Souls back together with Infinite Illusion, to create one site for both my fanfiction and art.

Recently, Primordial Souls has ventured into the realm of hosting as I now have a great deal of space that I know I won't be able to fill all by myself. A new chapter!

About Bre

Name: Bre. It's a part of my middle name. My real name is Ashley.
Birthday: December 22. You can guess what my favorite month is. :D
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Number: 16 and 25. I'm a rebel.
Music: Classic rock.
School: College, CU Boulder. I'm on hiatus at the moment.
Job: Legal Assistant
Find Me:, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Twitter

Favorite Couple: Buffy/Angel, Bella/Edward. Anything that inspires me to read and/or write fanfiction, because that's love. *g*
Favorite Genre: Anything angsty will get me going. Plus, a little raunchy. It just depends on my mood. ;P
Favorite Author: Indie, hands down, for my Buffy/Angel fix. She has such an amazing skill as far as understanding the characters she writes with. And she can write angst with a wee smidge of happiness like no other. For my Bella/Edward, TheRomanticalEdwardian. Oh, le sigh, such excellent story telling abilities.
Favorite Fic: The Wicked Seduction of a Vampire Slayer by Claudia DC. Absolutely the best character profiling of Buffy and Angelus if things had gone a different way in Season Two; A World Without Sound by TheRomanticalEdwardian, mostly because she creates an entirely new world, while keeping the characters true to themselves, yet adding new quirks to fit the storyline.

Not much to tell about me really. Most of my time is spent either at work, and the inbetween sleeping or on the computer. I like dark chocolate, cartoons, well-plotted fictious television. I hate Anime (except for the word 'lemons' - makes me giggle) and spinach. I used to hate broccoli, but only because the girl I wasn't friendly with did. Now I like it again. :P I can be extremely negative and sarcastic sometimes, and happy go-lucky in another moment. Depends on the person who initiated the mood change, and the mood that the mood change made. And that made sense in a world where logic doesn't exist. :D I wear contacts, hate my glasses, have six tattoos, only two piercings, adore jeans and t-shirts and love shopping when I have money. I am a female. :D I have two huge dogs whom I completely adore and who also rule the roost known as my humble apartment.

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