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An abused teen is tied into doing a class project with the object of her affections, a boy from the opposite side of the tracks who thinks nothing of her past the black eyes and limps. The boy in question has the life any teenager would want: the most popular girlfriend, parents who leave him alone and enough money to go to any college. But what happens when feelings begin to develop and he catches a glimpse into the true colors of her life, opening his eyes and heart to things he never before imagined? What happens next?

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| Prologue | Part One | Part Two |

She leaned out the window, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes. She was so tired; just the simple act of shutting her eyes reminded her and she leaned against the sill, opening them lazily. Her mind was blank, she felt like she was floating... out and away...


Everyone knew about her. They knew where she lived, that her father was a raging alcoholic with a raging fist when somebody displeased him; it wasn’t news anymore when he would turn up outside the seediest bar downtown having been thrown out - again - because he got into another fight. Her mother wasn’t any different. Liam couldn’t honestly remember the last time he saw her other sober, if he saw her at all. He would feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a damn bitch herself. He used to feel bad but as the years went on it died as she herself got worse.


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