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Premade Templates

Here are layouts that I have made that are already coded and waiting to be filled with content. All you have to do is download and insert your own information. All layouts presented here include the layout, buttons/banners, sometimes the background image and the basic coding, all zipped using WinZip or WinRAR. Credit to Primordial Souls is given in the layout/coding, and it is required if you do use any of the following layouts. Thank you.

All layouts were coded with IE7, but can be tweaked to match others.

Most recent at the top. If you do take one of these layouts, I would love to see the final results once you have them posted! :D

Title: Untitled
Featuring: Buffy Summers
Resolution: 1024x768+
Size: 155kb
Includes: Layout, Background, Coding, Buttons x2, Banner
A simply coded layout that is ideal for art portfolios. It has the basic menu and the content sections and the coding for anything does not get too crazy. Based on Kiera @ Apple & Cinnamon's fantastic layout of the moment and using this wallpaper. :)

Title: Barracuda
Featuring: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Resolution: 1024x768+
Size: 507kb
Includes: Layout, Background, Coding, Buttons x2, Banner
Another quick and easy layout with easy coding and lovely for art sites and portfolios. I love the header, with the red and the desaturation, mostly because I always wanted to make one for II. :P

Title: It's A Way Of Life
Featuring: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
Resolution: 800x600+
Size: 315kb
Includes: Layout, Coding, Buttons x2, Banner
A simple Supernatural layout just to get my feet wet. Very simple in coding and ideal for art sites and portfolios.

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